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Should homework be banned?

At one point or another, I know that you must have asked yourself a similar question to should homework be banned? Well, what prompts this largely stems from unfair practices.

Statistics show that teachers tend to overdo their homework system by assigning way more at-home tasks to students than necessary. Many of these exceed up to 2 hours of homework per night rather than the recommended 30 minutes of homework.

Even though we will be delving into critical considerations for banning homework, we are not encouraging any educational institution to abolish its homework system. Here are some core advantages and disadvantages to consider:


  1. Minimizing Screen Time

Longer screen time is known to have negative implications for a student’s life. Luckily, homework keeps them busy and limits the chances of this happening.

  1. Improving Time Management

Homework is one way of developing professionalism in students by helping them learn how to manage their time well.

  1. Improved Critical Thinking

By working on solving a given problem, homework tends to nurture and enhance critical thinking capabilities among students.

  1. Enhanced Research Skills

Tackling homework assignments successfully means that students are capable of researching through various sources and sift through the information for the appropriate one.

  1. Learning to Multitask

As an independent form of learning, students get the chance to work on assignments that requires a combination of at least three skills. These are research, analysis, and writing abilities. At times, this might also include computer and presentation skills.


  1. Down Time at Home

All work and no play indeed make Jack a dull boy. Since students spend 8 hours in class on average; it would not make sense to give them an extra 2 hours of homework.

  1. Negative Impact on Tests

Lengthy and complicated homework assignments have proven to be a distraction among students. They tend to spend more time working on them rather than fully preparing for examinations.

  1. The threat to Kid’s Nerves

Ironically, most teachers tend to ignore or are rather unaware of how after-class assignments affect their students’ brains and mental health in general.

  1. Extra Challenges

Part-timing students are at risk of not adequately catching up with homework as their time is already limited.

  1. Lack of Support

Tutors often fail to explain how to tackle homework assignments and there isn’t much that a parent or guardian can do to provide marketing assignment help either making students stranded and more confused.

  1. The Way Students Perceive Things

Given that different students perceive and learn things differently, certain homework types dictate a specific approach to follow and in turn limiting talents and potential of some otherwise bright students.

Verdict for whether to ban homework

Banning homework is arguably a contentious topic that calls for diligence from both students and teachers. Despite exploring some of the main factors to consider before making a call, we believe that the question should homework be banned? Is open to people’s perceptions and that any answer can either be right or wrong depending on how you support it.

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