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Welcome to Montemath.com. I have is dedicated this site to helping young people (that's everyone under 125) GET MATH. The site contains an online scrapbook of my experiences in becoming a teacher. The journey began with my enrollment into the MiT (Masters of Initial Teaching) program at Gonzaga University in the spring of 2010 and completion of my Master's candidacy in the summer of 2011. During this time I completed my practicum and student teaching at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA.

Below are the headings in my scrapbook, which include my completed papers, power points, posters, and a portfolio of my experience. I hope you retrace some of my journey and either blog or email me any thoughts or questions that you may have.

During this journey I discovered many things that piqued my interest and decided to document them. This section contains more than 20 ideas (chapters as I call them - future book deal hahaha) I felt compelled to write about. Many are no more that a quick poster with a few words, while others are full blown powerpoint presentations.

MIT Papers
In order to earn a masters degree in teaching one must write a multitude of papers. This section contains many of those papers along with my actual thesis.

In the old days teacher candidates were required to develop a 'portfolio' charting the progress in becoming a certified teacher. This section is along those lines.

Tool Ring
I feel very strongly that a teacher must realize the power in these words: 'build it and they will learn'. This section tries to make sense of that statement.

About Me
A little about me, David Montecucco (aka'Monte')!
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