calculator dictionary graph paper graph simulator

ann laroche -great for math research

ask dr. math - I have used this site many times!

area of shapes reference page

bbc - the history of mathematics video series:
        1. Newton and Leibniz
        2. Leonard Euler
        3. Joseph Fourier
        4. Evariste Galois
        5. Carl Friedrich Gauss
        6. The Mathematicians who helped Einstein
        7. Georg Cantor
        8. Henri Poincare
        9. Hardy and Ramanujan
        10. Nicolas Bourbaki

blooms taxonomy for math - questioning to push students to higher levels of thinking

bridge - hoover dam construction powerpoint. Real world example for math!! pptx

bridge - hoover dam construction powerpoint. Real world example for math!!ppsx


Calculator - website that allows you to use a scientific calculator online for free

Mortgage calculator webpage

graphing calculator (online & free compliments of holt publishing)

graphing calculator (online & free compliments of holt publishing)

calculus differentiation rules - great site to refresh yourself with calculus rules, chain rule, quotient rule, etc.

Calculus in 20 minutes - Burger video site, this gives you the entire 20 minutes at this website!

calculus -high end definitive (very textbook)

calculus - visual definitive, one of the best sites for 'seeing' calculus!!

cool math sites - over 400 different sites listed here!

calculus derivatives - challenge game! GAME play this game and challenge yourself!

calculus derivatives - graphing WOW graphing derivatives forwards/backwards made easy!!

calculus graphing functions & derivatives

calculus graphing functions & derivatives part 2>

calculus graphing functions & derivatives part 3

Chemistry tutor

spokane public schools calendar 2011
    dictionary basic
    dictionary advanced
    dictionary 'e'glossary

educational rap website - get kids interested in being creative with math by showing example of students that created music & videos

entry task template (weekly)

entry task template (weekly)


factoring quadratics - tik tac toe method

factoring algebra WOW help with homework at all levels of algebra

family of functions pdf descriptions

family of functions practice assessment

family of functions - graph your equation here! great site type in equation and see the graph!

figure this mathmatics

formula reference pages!
        formula reference page for math EOC's
        formula reference goemetric formula page
        formula reference 10 basic functions (precalculus)
        formula reference generic reference list (precalculus)
        formula reference 12 basic functions tool kit(precalculus)
        formula reference unit circle blank (precalculus)
        formula reference unit circle completed (precalculus)

games is the classroom - the following is a list of games I have participated/used in the classroom that students enjoyed and asked; 'Hey can we play...."

        catch the phrase
        decimal boxes game
        dot & boxes game
        integer product game
        pass the popcorn
        product game
        tennis balls
        speed card game
        spoons card game

        Think like a Computer! A Guide to Number Sequence Puzzles
        courtesy of some young math folks from Delaware- Thank you!

geometry - safe t compass instructions

geometry center

goal statements

        goal statement form

        goal statement - academically

Graph Paper

        graph paper - make your own at Math Bits!
        graph paper w/border(1 per page)
        graph paper no border(1 per page)
        graph paper with room to work(3 per page)
        graph paper (6 per page)
        graph paper (6 per page)
        graph paper per ms. gomez (6 per page)
        graph paper per ms. gomez (4 per page)
        graph paper (6 per page)
        graph paper quadrant 1 only(upper left quadrant)
        graph paper with input output table
        graph paper quadrant 1 only (large)


        fun based learning - graphing games

        general graph explorer
        linear graph explorer
        quadratic graph explorer

high school ace - VERY good site for basic math & algebra; I have used this site MANY times!


        21st century what do we do? (youtube)

        a vision of 21st century teachers (youtube)

        ben stein - ferris bueller (youtube)

        build it and they will learn -tool ring intro powerpoint(ppsx)

        Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover video (ted talks)

        Get Candy - Seinfeld at halloween (youtube)

        have you been paying attention (youtube)

        inspirational photo to inspire/relate students to difficult times. Help students work through problems. Ever felt like this quick write?

        lewis & clark convocation - photo collage showing how cons/rally can energize a student body!!

        math lab can be fun powerpoint(ppsx)

        number patterns (youtube)

        number pyramid on you tube - students 'see' patterns in numbers.

        sugata mitra - hole in the wall

        taylor mali makes a difference

        taylor mali on proofreading

        where numbers get their shape - great powerpoint showing the origins of number shapes!

        students create - quadratic rap video (get low quadratic rap video)




Lesson Planning templates

linear algebra site - higher level math


Math - how to learn math, lots of tutorial here!

math olympiad - competitions.

math mistakes - great site for folks studying for ap and sat type exams.

math munchers WOW math games for young kids.

math warehouse WOW I have used this site several times.

math - the quiz...this is kind of a cool site for classes when only a few minutes to seem to enjoy this!

math bits WOW I have used this site several times.

math forum

Middle school math workbook - KEAS : Key elements to math

Monte teaches
        montes first video taped lesson...ugh
        montes powerpoint - student must take charge of their learning, prepare for college, study, save money
 &nbsnbsp;      montes powerpoint - get to know each other quiz/icebreaker

music snipits
        another brick in the wall midi
        gone in 60 sec midi

we didn't start the fire billy joel (youtube)
        sadie hawkins dance reliant k

Nicks 'nerdnight' miscellany - lots of links here


Parent Involvement in education:

parent involvement in academic achievement

pauls online notes higher level math
WOW great resource for higher level math - I used this many times!!

Posters we created:

        posterarithmaphobia (web)
        posterarithmaphobia (pdf)
        postermistakes (web)
        postermistakes (pdf)
        postermygoals (web)
        postermygoals (pdf)

        dice roll grids
        deck of playing cards

        Think like a Computer! A Guide to Number Sequence Puzzles
        courtesy of some young math folks from Delaware- Thank you!

        quadrilateral key
        quadrilateral key pg 2

quickmath help with homework at all levels of high school math


riddles for math & such

Rubric templates

spokane public schools calendar 2011
student forms
        student reassessment contract
        student self evaluation readiness form

survey - first days of school
survey - student goal statement

takscopes used by school districts and requires a code

tails plus graphing - quick video to help students refresh their memories about proper graph notation!!
Teach adolescents to become adults: Teach adolescents to become adults article

text message glossary - for us older folks who need a cheat sheet to text codes!!

tool book template(8 pages)

tool book template(4 pages)



volume of shapes reference page

washington state math olympiad
prior years tests
practice quizes
special resources Highline Adv. Math Program
supplemental reading, glossary, tables!!
problem solving examples with rubrics
archive quizes
math counts website - great archives for problem of week
on line math league
math talent search archives
Whiteboard learning
The basics of Geometry by Tom Shaw



my mastermind group!!


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