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The following are the templates I use to lesson planning. My goal is to provide consistent, well detailed lessons that specifically focus on students being given the opportunity to develop questioning technique and demonstrate understanding of the lesson topic. I must take a moment and thank some of the folks who helped me develop these templates. First of all at Gonzaga University I must recognize Dr. Jenny Nelson & Dr. Foster Walsh. These two professors helped me to realize the need to specifically pinpoint daily lesson objectives in a clear and precise manner, and the closure piece must allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their individual level of understanding of the daily concepts (student voice) in a formative assessment technique! Secondly, I want to thank Michelle Spohr at Lewis & Clark who spent time demonstrating and showing me how to specifically design math questions that focused on 1 math concept at a time! Also, Mark Lund along with Michelle Spohr gave me tools neede to allow students to self assess themselves and the importance of gathering this information.

Lesson template - overall pdf packet (7 pages)

        lesson plan cover sheet template

        lesson plan directions for teacher/substitute template

        lesson plan with anticipatory set information template

        instructional materials template

        grading rubric template I use

miscellaneous other versions I find especially helpful, depending on the circumstance

        lesson plan template (daily - Rogers HS version 2011)
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