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About Monte:

I am david Montecucco born & raised in Spokane, WA. A 3.95 student to whom math & science came easy and writing was always a challenge. Graduated from Joel E. Ferris High School and headed off with a National Merit Scholarship in hand to study Electrical Engineering at Gonzaga University.

Midway through college I joined the Professional Bowlers Association and ventured off to Denver where I discovered a game of bowling that had not come to the West coast yet. Lots of oil and bowling balls with so many revolutions - you need a stop watch to calculate them. I decided I would stick to school and regional Professional bowling action.:

I Graduated with my Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) in 1986. I worked in the family business until 1993 when I purchased Silver Lanes & Scrapbook Restaurant. Bowling business had lost some of its luster but we were soon licensed to be a mini casino and our volume grew rapidly. We peaked at around 220 employees. In 2002 my father became very ill and I sold my business to help with the family business. As time went by my parents divested themselves of all their business interests and sold their real estate. I was now unemployed.

As my father's health stabilized, I had more free time available. The people that purchased my business, called and asked if I would be willing to help them redesign the business, develop employee and procedural manuals, and work in training the new staff. the timing was great, Dad was stable, the Property Management business was only part time, and it was time to put away funds for the kid's college. I accepted the position and it was here that it was pointed out that I should be a teacher. I worked with may part time students who seemed to have a common problem, FAILING MATH. Several asked for assistance, so after work, we'd fire up the dry erase boards and work on solving problems. After a series of comments like; 'I wish my math teacher explained things the way you do', 'Why don't you teach?', 'It finally makes sense, you made it easy to understand'. What made me realize that I wanted to teach, was the fact that I could not wait until the shift was over. I like my job but just could not wait till our group started working on math problems. I asked myself, does this mean I would like to teach? The answer appeared to be obvious, and it made sense to pursue this career. I would be doing something that I like to do, it would benefit society, and it would afford me the time to still be of help to the family and my children.

So I applied to the MIT program at Gonzaga University and my year long pursuit of a Masters Degree in Teaching started. This journey is chronicled in this website.:

During the year of study, this website was designed to help students in and out of the classroom. I posted lesson plans, daily assignments, and specifically designed video presentations. In today's world students work, are involved in sports, business, drama and a myriad of extracurricular activities. I did not want them to miss out and not keep current with daily lessons. So I made keeping up a website a priority. Every daily lesson is on line. My students sick or healthy, in class or not is part of what is happening in Montes Math Class.

I want my students to understand, apply, and excel . College preps and sample tests are available. Ignorance is no longer a crutch since the knowledge is just a click away!

Montemath.com enables, enlightens, enriches, and gives more than E for effort!:

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