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Shaw Middle School - Earthbound


Manito park field trip

Turnbull field trip

Liberty Lake field trip

Hillyard Community Garden field trip

MIT students teach terrariums

MIT students teach beaver dams

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Take a moment and learn about Earthbound. Earthbound

Earthbound is a program that takes GU student volunteers to local middle and elementary schools to run after school activities that are fun and environmentally educational. Sponsored by CCASL, we focus on schools with the highest rates of free and reduced lunch to ensure that a lack of economic privilege will not lead to lack of environmental awareness and appreciation. We all have a right to a clean environment!


earthbound ideals

Children that get outside are healthier and happier. Also, children who grow up without exposure to the natural world are far less likely to preserve it as adults. Help us combat nature deficit disorder and environmental generational amnesia!

Click here to learn more about the CCASL values!
ccasl values

click to learn more about CCASL and check out the extensive list of activities!
student opportunities

Interested in getting involved? Check out this link to meet the faces behind CCASL and each has a direct contact link.
meet the staff

Read about how Gonzaga University and Earthbound receive funding from the Sierra Club by clicking on the following link.
sierra club

One of the great things the Sierra club sponsors is 'Inner City Outings Spokane'. Click on the following link to learn more about their mission.
sierra club outings

Sierra Club Inner City Outings (ICO) is a community based outreach program providing opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world.

Chris Bachman, Co-Founder, National Outings Leader, Sierra Club Grassroots Profile can be found by clicking on the following link.
chris bachman

Take a look at the Inner City Outings homepage and many of the different programs run each year for the young folks of Spokane.
spokane inner city outings

Another group that is very active with Gonzaga and the Earthbound project is the Lands Council of Spokane. Click on the link below and check out all the great work they do!
lands council spokane

A couple of ladies who dedicate themselves to not only the work of the Lands council but also give many hours at Shaw Middle School and the Earthbound summer program! Click on these ladies photos below to learn more about them.
Kat Hall
Kat Hall - Conservation Programs Director - (509)209-2403

Kate Cornwall
Kate Cornwall

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