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Chapter 5 - I call this chapter:    Discover the Talent
        page 8 - Walker Texas Ranger

In 'getting to know the students' surveys are given out and one of the questions I ask is if the student has a hero. To my surprise many students (about 8) said Walker Texas Ranger??? A couple of things immediately stand out, one of which this is a fictitious character but being that these were freshman maybe that can be explained. The second thing was the diversity of the 8 students. There were guys and gals, no two from the same background and same social group of students, it was just odd how out of 70 students surveyed this particular character was the most popular. I did not argue with the choice since I believe Walker Texas Ranger (aka Chuck Norris) represents a lot of good qualities that if young folks emulated we would be a much better society!

We all need a 'hero' to believe in from time to time. I hope this section of this website excites you as much as it excited my mom (Karen) & I to make!

This Hero page is about Walker Texas Ranger - Country version of Superman. The following is the link to an interview with Walker Texas Ranger:

The following is the link to the YouTube video of Geoffrey Canada and the interview:

walker texas ranger (youtube)

The following is a powerpoint I made as a tribute to Walker Texas Ranger:

Walker Texas Ranger tribute powerpoint (may take a moment to load)

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