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Chapter 5 - I call this chapter:    Discover the Talent
        page 6 - Mark Lund

One of my master teachers during my student teaching was Mark Lund. I was fortunate to have had him in the beginning of my teaching career because he taught me the art of studying students and attempting to discover what drives each and every student. For anyone who has taught before you know this is a time consuming and many times fruitless journey but Mr. Lund was relentless in his pursuit. Along with his passion to reach every student Mr. Lund volunteered as the Hip Hop (break dance) club instructor.

We all need a 'hero' to believe in from time to time. I hope this section of this website excites you as much as it excited my mom (Karen) & I to make!

This Hero page is about Mark Lund - Teacher by day & Coach by night.

The following is a powerpoint I made as a tribute to Mark Lund:

Mark Lund tribute powerpoint (may take a moment to load, the run slide show!)

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