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Chapter 5 - I call this chapter:    Discover the Talent
        page 9 - Sara Campbell

In this section of discovering peoples talents I would be remiss if I did not tell the story of one of my fellow MIT Teacher Candidates from Gonzaga University. Ever been in a situation where you knew what you wanted to say but it always came out wrong, or you new the point you were trying to make but the audience you were speaking to just stared at you confused, that always seemed to be me. Then somewhere from the other side of the class room rose a voice who not only cleared up all the confusion but actually confinced the class (audience) that what you were saying was brilliant. The name of this person is Sara! Ever read a paper someone wrote and you find yourself taking notes and wishing you could write like them....the name of this person is Sara. As the graduate school year progressed I began to realize that Sara may be the most talented person I ever met! She could generate papers that not only were accurate and concise but they made the reader ponder feelings and ideas they may have never had. To Sara I dedicate the following posters.

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