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Chapter 18 - I call this chapter:     Yearbooks are Vital

As teachers we focus so much of our attention on building 'community' in our classrooms only to see 'yearbooks' which cost more than $50 do so much damage to what we have built up over the years time. This past year more than half of my freshman algebra students were not able to purchase yearbooks. I actually took a survey and 35% of those freshman algebra students said that they have never had a yearbook of their own in middle school (note: these are Sacajawea Middle School Students). It seems to me that with the technology we have today we should be able to at least offer different levels of yearbooks. Just like books, you can purchase ebboks, paperbacks, & hardback versions. We need to make sure that EVERY student has the opportunity to participate in the 'yearbook' experience! We could actually promote that the camera club make sure that EVERY student gets more than 1 picture in the yearbook. Imagine creating an environment where students strive to get other students envolved and pictured in the yearbook and every student has a chance to earn or purchase a yearbook! These are things that I think about!

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