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Chapter 19 -     blogging & podcasts are necessary!

"Build it and they will learn -
A study in motivation"

We hope that all of you had a great summer. Mr. Wrixon, Mr. McNeiece, and Mr. Lund, are the three Integrated III Honors math teachers at LC. We have all chosen to work together to use this blog to best help meet the needs of each and every one of you. As we progress though this year you will be sure to find various links to websites and videos that we believe will help you develop a complete level of understanding of the learning targets that we are covering this year. Some of you are going to come across some great resources that we have yet to find, and when that happens we hope that you email us and let us know about it.

Mr. Wrixon hoganw@spokaneschools.org

Mr. McNeiece thomasm@spokaneschools.org

Mr. Lund marklu@spokaneschools.org .

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Now this is cool! Teachers going the extra mile to engage their students. This reaches students on several levels. For instance those kids who just need to see the topic explained one more time! How about those kids who missed class and could really benefit in seeing the class demonstration? Or the kids who ar embarrassed to ask for help can go home and now have the resource to go to and see the topic explained in the quiet of there own learning environment.

Another really cool concept here is that on the actual blogspot these 3 teachers include other valuable links to help studnets get more help! If you have not had a chance to look at the blogspot it shows the link to On Line Math Learning which is a great user friendly website for math students. If you have a chance click on the following link and check it out:

montes thesis work
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"Build it and they will learn -
A study in motivation"

Please take time to watch the you tube video - 'Class lessons in podcast form' take a look at the video by clicking on the screen below.

Podcasts are amazing on several levels! The first, teachers look cool to their students! The second, is the podcast becomes a resource that will never be outdated. We have already had students come back in the classroom to watch the video again! The third, is whenever students miss class the unit lessons will all be on podcast so kids can get 'caught' up in a matter of just watching a few videos and kids love you tube type information!

The next video clip is the introductory class activity used by the calculus department at Lewis & Clark High School. Mr Mark Lund my cooperating teacher made this video clip in about 95 minutes. He uses as a resournce for both kids who missed class as well as a refresher resource for those kids who want to come in and watch it again. Thus far 4 of the 19 kids from period 1 have come back in and several students from the other teachers class have come in before and after school to watch it. By early October it will be place on the library resource list so kids can log in to the library and watch it from home.
click here to go this video - NOTE: loads slowly due to the fact that it is 18 minutes long. Note: this is a shockwave video and coming soon will be placed on youtube for easier loading.

I want to THANK Mr. Mark Lund, my cooperating teacher who is showing me how to create these videos. Mr. Lund is on the cutting edge when it comes to engaging students. I also want to congratulate him on putting in the extra time in creating valuable resources like this. I am so fortunate to have been placed with someone like Mr. Mark Lund. Now, imagine challenging your students to gain understanding of the material so that they can create their own podcast! Kids will line up if they know that their creation will be put out as a podcast! This is the classic example of putting kids in charge of their own learning! Now this leads to my next part of my thesis work and that deals with motivation of kids when they can actually create tools that will teach others!

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