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        1. Student Goal Statement & Success Plan

Links to Resources & Online Help
       1. Graphing Calculator
        2. Khan Academy
        3. Math Open Reference
        4. Montemath.com
        5. Scientific Calculator
Day 180; Wednesday, June 12th ICAN says - This was a great year...be proud & have a great summer!

       ICAN 2013 yearbook inspirational powerpoint!

Day 175; Wednesday, June 5th ICAN says - 'Swing Dancing to celebrate summer is nearly here!

       ICAN swing inspirational powerpoint!

Day 161; Friday, May 17 ICAN says 'Hi Ho Silver - Away! You CAN complete Today!

       Inspirational powerpoint themed with the 'Lone Ranger'!!

Day 159; Friday, May 10 ICAN Event - Diez De Mayo

       Inspirational powerpoint celebrating student success!

Day 55; Monday, Nov. 19th Status reports - fill out the form and make a plan to complete!

       ICAN status report for Mid November 2012

Day 11; Monday, Oct. 15th Mid term reports - fill out the form and make a plan to complete!

       ICAN status report for October 2012

Day 11; Wednesday, September 19th Our First Event - Talk like a Pirate Day breakfast

       Talk Like a Pirate Day Breakfast Powerpoint

       Talk Like a Pirate Day Breakfast flier

        Pirate day hat making worksheet

Day 4; Friday, September 7th

ICAN: I CAN make good choices.

        Inspired - ICAN make good choices powerpoint
Day 2; Tuesday, September 5th Email & Login directions

       Student email login instructions

       Student blackboard login instructions

Day 1; Tuesday, September 4th

Lets get to know Mr. Monte in this powerpoint.
      montes powerpoint - get to know each other quiz/icebreaker
       montes powerpoint - get to know each other answer sheet
       Inspired - ICAN swing & celebrate the completion of ICAN lab powerpoint
       Student Success Plan assignment

sticker Friday's
        stickers- how do you feel
        stickers- 5 assorted pages
        stickers- svl surfing
        stickers- svl surfing
        stickers- cinco d' mayo
        stickers- wide assortment
        stickers- pirate day
        stickers- columbus day

        ICAN certificate of completion (pdf)
        ICAN certificate of completion (pub)
        ICAN completion certificate template (publisher)
        Bell Ringer Wednesdays (publisher)
        Bell Ringer Wednesdays (pdf)

        ICAN daily expectations - monday (word doc)
        ICAN daily expectations - tuesday (word doc)
        ICAN daily expectations - wednesday bell ringer(word doc)
        ICAN daily expectations - thursday (word doc)
        ICAN daily expectations - friday (word doc)
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