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Day __; Friday, June 15th ICAN spring yearbook 2012

       ICAN yearbook (a recap of the events from this past spring) powerpoint

Day __; Friday, June 8th ICAN celebrates students completions!

       ICAN last day of school powerpoint presentation

Day __; Friday, June 1st Swing dancing in ICAN before school

       ICAN swing & celebrate the end of school and completion of ICAN lab powerpoint
Day __; Friday, June 1st ICAN get ready for summer

       ICAN get ready for summer powerpoint

Day __; Friday, May 25th Have you been to math lab lately?

       Math lab video commercial

       ICAN lab video commercial

Day __; Friday, May 18th ICAN breakfast with Beyonce music

       ICAN Move Ur Body with Beyonce breakfast powerpoint

Day __; Friday, May 11th Skinny Cow Ice cream in ICAN!

       ICAN Western Roundup Breakfast powerpoint

Day __; Friday, May 4th Celebrate Quarto D'Mayo before school

       ICAN Quarto d'Mayo event powerpoint

       ICAN Quarto d'Mayo event flier

Day __; Friday, April 22th Celebrate western days and rawhide music!

       ICAN Rawhide event powerpoint

Day __; Friday, April 15th Celebrate movin and high energy!

       ICAN MOVIN event powerpoint

Day __; Friday, April 8th Celebrate effort and never giving up!

       ICAN try again event (never give up!)powerpoint

       ICAN Quarto d'Mayo event flier

Day __; Friday, April 1st Celebrate Quarto D'Mayo before school

       ICAN - spring break powerpoint

Day __; Friday, March 16th Enjoy music from 'jump and breakfast

       ICAN - rally with 'jump' powerpoint

Day __; Friday, March 9th Celebrate life before school

       ICAN - celebrate life powerpoint

       Math Lab - celebrate life powerpoint

Day __; Friday, March 2nd ICAN celebrates Bell ringer Wednesdays!

       ICAN bell ringer Wednesdays

Day 2; Friday, March 2nd Email & Login directions

       Student email login instructions

       Student blackboard login instructions

Day 1; Thursday, March 1st

Lets get to know Mr. Monte in this powerpoint.
       montes powerpoint - get to know each other quiz/icebreaker
        montes powerpoint - get to know each other answer sheet
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