Algebra 1

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Unit 5
day 1
Unit 5 - Quadratics

       Student Self Tacking Sheet - Unit 5 Targets 5A, 5B, 5C & Calendar Pacing Guide

       Unit 5 - Quadratics calendar

       Introduction to quadratics. Many videos can be used to wet the appetite of students, some of which are listed here:

       Basketball arcade game (see the curve generated by the basketball)
       Jem melt rock with a parabolic mirror(AWESOME!)
       google images of parabolic antennas, mirrors, etc.

The lesson I use is about the St. Louis Arch. The following are a couple of 4 minute videos to get the students excited then the lesson plan and instruction materials are linked as a pdf.

       The St. Louis Arch is the Gateway to the west video (4 minutes)

       The building of the St. Louis Arch photo collage (4 minutes)

       The St. Louis Arch lesson plans

       The St. Louis Arch instructional materials

Unit 6
day 1
Unit 6 - Radical Functions (Square Roots)

       Student Self Tacking Sheet - Unit 6 Targets 6A, 6B, 6C & Calendar Pacing Guide

       Unit - Radical Functions calendar

       Video of Tiger Center (60 sec)

       unit 6a practice 001 video

       unit 6a practice 001 pdf w/sound

       unit 6a practice 001 answers

Unit 7
day 1
Unit - Analyzing Data

       Student Self Tacking Sheet - Unit 7 Targets 7A, 7B, 7C & Calendar Pacing Guide

       Unit - Analyzing Data calendar

       unit 7a tool box pdf w/sound

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