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lesson plan schedule

student evidence/assessments

unit plan pacing guide

Day 1: Are you Ready Assessmetnt

Day 1: Entry Task

Day 1: Why Learn This?

Day 1: Teacher led activity

Day 1: Quadratic Tool Book Template

Day 1: Lesson 1 practice

Day 2: WIP - Lesson plan

Day 2: Entry Task

Day 2: Student Evidence

Day 3: WIP - Lesson plan

Day 3: Entry Task

Day 3: Why learn this?

Day 3: symmetry lab

Day 3: symmetry lab answer key

Day 4: WIP - lesson plan

Day 4: entry task

Day 4: Why learn this?

Day 5: WIP - lesson plan

Day 5: entry task

Day 5: Why learn this?

Day 6: exit slip

Day 7: WIP - lesson plan

Day 7: entry task

day 7: why learn this?

Day 8: entry task

Day 8: lesson exit slip

Day 9:practice assessment

Day 9:practice assessment answer key

Day 10: final assessment

Day 10: final assessment answer key

Day 10: final assessment grading rubric

appendix: algrebra unit calendar

appendix: daily recap form

appendix: attendance tracking form

appendix: grade level standards

Math Methods final assignment: Unit Plan

This unit plan is 10 days long and spans the introduction material for the quadratic formula

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